Thursday, January 3, 2008

maryland sandy turf - dubai : destroy the dN@

salam hari ke 3 di tahun baru buat semua,esp mr president bush dan sheikh makhtoum tuan empunya pulau berbentuk pelepah tamar,burj-al arab dan kuda2 thoroughbred terbaik di muka bumi...newmarket,ascot...and now the churchill downs home of kentucky derby were graced by the said dignitaries.both have common wealth,common health n passion for horses.saddle up mr sheikh,ur camels aint half a sire to those highly regarded,sought after arabian horses.fancy a climate control stable on the left side of burj al arab?just make sure the unicorn aint there to greet ur shipload race champion derby winners...on any given sunday :)let sailor sails,park ranger treks n jockey jocks...crude oil aint for barter nor banter.enuff president n mr sheikh,pls make sure there's enuff toys come next shoes an extra penny :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

pure cryst@L : sign up pls

tired...tired!!!dead tired.running errands = sending kids to their respective hostels,waiting in line paying the school fees,listening to the briefing from school teachers etc...reach home around 7 pm,but all the running around = worthwhile.must sleep early,tomorrow syamil n baby syark start schooling pulak,so kena bayar yuran lagi...adesss.poket dah mula nipis,as thin as black ice topping on highway route 66 near flagstaff arizona around this time of thing i need to say to all parents/parents wud be = kids are our future...we instill good values to them at a tender em that u love em,do not just preach love to em,show em thru action cuz as the saying goes : action speak louder than words.take time off to be with em,walk them on all topics of life,make an effort to spend quality time with ur kids,dine together,be a good listener to all their whims n short : be their shadow...always there for em,but nvr interfere with em life.tender loving care...i need my time out!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

lil beckey n clickeY...cheezee

gre@t things,the appetizer n new cycle...trash for c@sh

1. Wahai umat manusia, bertaqwalah kepada Tuhan kamu! Sesungguhnya gempa hari kiamat itu suatu perkara Yang amat besar.
2. Pada hari kamu melihat (peristiwa-peristiwa Yang mengerikan) itu, tiap-tiap ibu penyusu akan melupakan anak Yang disusukannya, dan tiap-tiap perempuan Yang mengandung akan gugurkan anak Yang dikandungnya; dan Engkau akan melihat manusia mabuk, padahal mereka sebenarnya tidak mabuk, tetapi azab Allah amatlah berat, mengerikan.
3. Dan ada di antara manusia Yang membantah perkara-perkara Yang berhubung Dengan Allah Dengan tidak berdasarkan sebarang pengetahuan, dan ia menurut tiap-tiap Syaitan Yang telah sebati Dengan kejahatan.

See no evil,hear no evil,do no evil,say no evil,dear fellow frens.least we can do is pickup litter n throw it in the trashcan,or send ur plastic/glass bottles to the recycle bin/center.we must start somewhere,n that somewhere = our home,sweetest of home is a home free from n e thing “evil”,a heavenly home.enuff said,tuff to act n hardest to lead a lifestyle w/out associating the devilish inside us,cuz the devil wears prada.
Wanna sell my dormant 3 acres rubber plantation in kuala kangsar…hard cash needed asap to fund a new venture.the plot situated about 1 km from the iskandariah palace, road frontage with a hilly terrain slope of about 25° from bottom to table top…all the way.actually the plot was destined to be my family weekend retreat,at first,but too many unforeseen circumstances…the project failed to take off,better off load it since im not into rubber bzness cuz of the complicated nature of the commodity.yeap,recent prices of the commodity sky rocketed,but cant see it sustain the current upward trend for long…the tumultus political scenario in southern thai provinces getting better each passing day.if only I had a 3 acres of lemon grass plantation,the income wud be triple.rubbery subject to dwell on…more like a sticky fingers.
Was in search for my wallet all morning,lucky had nothing to do xcept meeting several ppl n 2 wedding receptions to attend,at noon.chanted the great name of al-mighty “as-samad” few times on my way to meet a few frens when the cell phone rang n at the end of the line = shah’s voice…”ur wallet inside my briefcase” haha when/why on earth my wallet made its way into her briefcase was totally absent minded.but as u can see…allah has his way of smoothing n answering many mystical n quizzical things.
After attending those wedding receptions,went home n took my usual when possible daylight nap…usually lasted between 15 mins to 1 hour,whenever time permitted.most days cant even wink for a second due to the bz schedule esp during school 3 plus was all up n full of zest.visit my lemon grass plot to deliver 2 sacks of organic fert n 4 liters of liquid organic fert.told wan,my handy man to make sure he completed all the spraying of fert by nxt Thursday n reminded him to prepare the soil for 1st batch of lengkuas plants by year end.went to night market n bought 7 packs of tomato rice,yong tau fu,apam balik,3 kerabu rice,4 beef burgers n 3 chicken burgers,4 cups of tau fu fah,16 small paper n bananna leaf wrapper packs of tempe,few sticks of keropok lekor n a bottle of mango cordial.zoomed home in a hurry,maghrib is coming. Watched the arsenal versus spurs game…the north London derby,a highly anticipated bone crunching tackles,fast tempo game n hot tempered heads = common.spurs shud wrapped up the game n went home with maximum point,if only Robbie keane cud tucked away his spot kick past the reaching hands of almunia!!!wenger made a brilliant tactical move,he slotted bentdner as an out n out striker…the result that lanky striker headed home the winner.maximum point for gunners!!!spurs cameout short,yet again.not to belittle or discredited juande ramos,the new manager for spurs…he shud instructed dimitar barbatov to take the spot kick…if only.(urs truly is a red devil supporter n fan since 1977…man u vs Liverpool 1977 english fa cup final…live from wembley.caught sight of those gallant joe Jordan,lou macari,steve Coppell,alex stephaney,Gordon mcqueen etc battling the mighty forces of the Kop…hooked up on the devil never say die attitude since)tomorrow the fledgelings of sir alex must outfox the toffees…ronaldo shud be on the score sheet,again  tommy Docherty,dave sexton n now…sir alex.ur all masters in ur own fav goalkeeper = of course gary bailey,thou many fancy the great dane…petr schmicheal.right back = Arthur albiston left back= dennis Irwin (he cud bend the ball better than beckham…only thing he looks more like a terrier than a heart throb pinup hunk) central defender = Gordon mcqueen n rio Ferdinand central midfielder = roy keane n bryan robson outside right = steve Coppell outside left = ryan giggs of course forward = eric the king cantona n rudd the van dream XI red devils…haha dream on.

pen n inky w@ys : the rolling stone g@thers mossy,quite a bit

As of typing,january 1 2008 2:00pm year to everyone,urs truly inclusive.with an eye to strive harder,the hardest the seek more,to excel n scale greater height,to accomplish targetted benchmark (to keep the pot boiling) n attain basic requirement in life w/out dispensing norms n ethics;coded for this year resolution…MOU n accord me bind myself to.typical first day blues,chaos is the name of the day yr parties to attend,hosted by bzness associates,frens n families,the mad dash to hv the latest edition of mainstream newspapers…endless text messages to reply to,emails etc.tapi one thing stood out above the rest : how to sort out the messy second living room from stacks/clusters of belongings,baggages,pails,cloth hangers,files,hygenic care,shoes/sandals/slippers,books..
Thesaurus,dictionaries etc n of coz,stationeries…all belongs to my boys n gals whom will be leaving home,soon…by tomorrow.every corner,crooks n crannies = sendat dgn barang anak² !!!the annually back to school rush is here,again.thanks to my other haf task delegation superiority (she’s the admin,am the layman),all systems are in full gear,ready to roll.check lists after double checking put things in orderly manner…like apple-pie order!nail clippers,combs,brushes,handy plaster,eye drops,ointment,socks,pillows,tie clips,circlips,alarm clocks,batteries,detergent,towels,padlocks,plastic covers,etc,…full 5 pages itemized items to be ticked n double tick haha.all 4 kiddos wud be heading towards their respective boarding schools tomorrow.sofea wud be off next Wednesday,jan 9 2008 to experience the hostel culture at sekolah menengah agama raja perempuan ta’ayah,ipoh.
An eerie feeling of emptiness surrounded me on the dot.once the exodus completed…the small shack of mine wud be deprived of luff,rumble,growl,howl,warble,scream,buzz etc of my great boys n gals…just 2 homey clowns by the name of syamil n baby syark will be there to entice my spouse n myself.not the one to be falling between 2 stools…me better off keep emotion close to my me always said,form follows function,but it(form) too follows emotion,seldom la in my case,am not going to blow my own trumpet,ty haha.ako pasti seyakinnya pasti bahawa jalan yg shah n ako pilih utk anak² kami merupakan jalan yg tidak diragui kegemerlapan sinarnya,demi kebaikan mereka di masa hadapan,wanna let em be on their own,make their own choices,completed their own tasking etc.we just laid the pavement,they choose the vehicle,the accessories,the gadget,the gizmos etc to tagged along their journey into the real alm…let em make their own honest penny.since both of us,shah n me were from boarding school,we strive to the notion of sending em to ivy league or Oxbridge schools (don’t get me wrong here,pls…all schools in our education system = great);as other parents = they wanted the best out of every child they have,likewise here.only after the general examination of sijil pelajaran msia we will beg to differ from most of the parents hehe (senile creeping then).we wud first send them,after the spm to darul quran,in kuala kubu bharu (run by jakim) for a year to undergo intensive al-quran,we wud give the boys 3 choices : a) enroll in aeronautics courses – be a pilot or craft engineer b) join the rank and file of family run businesses or c) go read law,be a sober judge for the gals,we wud like em to be interior designer,a fesyen designer or simply read law,too.syahrin’s ambition = to take charge of a full fledge lemon grass plantation suraya’s = interior designer sofea’s = a lawyer syamil’s = pilot baby syark’s = pilot syamsul’s = pilot syazwan’s = pilot.haha I can see new foundland’s tundras right at this moment.kata org,latihan dan usaha serta doa berterusan akan membuahkan hasil.begitu juga dalam hidup ini…penyediaan rancangan(planning)melaksanakan rancangan di tapak bina (well executed planning) mengelakkan masalah (eliminating hotspots) dan mengemas kini projek (finishing touches) adalah usaha berterusan yg mampu merubah hidup kita menjadi lebih baik,bermakna,molek dll.spt lagu celine dion…my heart will go on : in my dreams I see u I feel u,that’s how I know u (another shah’s fav lyrics);dalam erti kata lain,kita perlu memantau,menyelami kehidupan barulah kita boleh memahami kehidupan yg sungguh indah dan bermakna ini.utk memahami kehidupan ini,dimana jua kita berada saya percaya..kecekalan hati amat penting.jika kita pernah jatuh samada terduduk,terguling mahupun tertiarap…luka berdarah,patah riuk,bengkak bengkil kita mesti tabah menyusuri susur galur denyut nadi kehidupan.teringat dizaman puncak gerakan reformasi dahulu ,kata² dato’ prof dr haron din : “ kita mestilah merasai denyut nadi kemahuan hidup.”don’t tell me it’s not worth trying and dying for…begitu ungkapan sahabat seperjuangan dalam NGO’s saya dari Canada…seorang activist greenpeace,peace u all haha.teringat pula pd symbol peace,the flower generation…hippies haha.bayangkan the mighty whale needs tiny plankton to survive,giant red wood needs smallest of insect,ant to stood majestically on its root…bayangkan kehidupan kita ini tanpa anak² kecil di sekeliling kita…not worth even half a penny,kan?us of America sanggup berperang dgn the whole middle eastern people (read here,the citizens,not the government) kerana the tiny n puny israel’s regime.itulah makna kehidupan…larger than life is the best word to describe our life….and to lead a normal functioning life..the reason = smallest of things hehe.itulah asas kehidupan,perkara remeh atau kecil.kita tidak hidup kerana world bank tapi world bank yg teramat hebat itu survive kerana kita,juga kita tidak hidup semata kerana klia,tapi sebaliknya.yg kecil akan sentiasa mendokong kehidupan yg besar.even serbuk kunyit dan juga garam amat kita perlukan…minerals n spices,semuanya jisim atau zarah yg amat kecil sifat individunya.juga LCD yg kita tatapi saban hari,samada,peti tv,laptop,pda phones mahupun jam digital di pergelangan tangan…all the tiny dots,fine individual pinheads (bukan the other pinhead…haha that’s plain stupid) which when grouped together give us a great resolution..plsma tv with vega engine…dunno!a compilation of each pulp = book, a group of individual wool lint = is simple,mcm http akak ummie…aku simple hehe amponn akak.Cuma kita mesti tambah sikit the added values la utk menjadikan life ini s0 beautiful.knp perlu ada alpha utk omega,bed utk breakfast,bucket utk spade,lord utk lady,sin utk misery dan time utk tide (dulu di California,saya menggunakan detergent jenama tide,and the brand even sponsored nascar racing…in the nascar Winston cup series.nascar racing is bigger than the indy/champ car series…what is the collaboration or the osmosis between tiny particles of tide detergent got to do with nascar racing?).the bare truth is…tanpa advertisement racing car wud be dull n mundane looking piece of machinery haha.all the stripes,air brushes n decals look amazingly stunning and make the car appears to go fast…faster,aint life is s0 beautiful?go to any hospic ward…death is every where,why?coz the docs n the resident nurses pakai apron putih/biru pastel/hijau pastel haha same applies to the court house…u can see the right and the wrong doers on the spot,black n white only pls (some lady lawyers wears polk dots,black background with white dots) hmmm we all shud celebrate life in full colors,even rainbow pale in comparison if we apply colors to doctors vest or a lawyers multicolor tie haha.gritty teeth n cold ears me have.taraa..